Hey Coach!

It's time to Lead Your Profit.

Because you've got more earning power when you know where you're going and why.


This course is a heart gift… from me to you and your future clients.  

What does that mean? It means I could sell this for way more money — and have been told by coaches and consultants that I should.

I won't.

...here's a quick message from me to you:

You in? Click HERE.

I went through modules 1 + 2 and am loving them! I'm also back in love with my business. I can't get enough of the clarity and feel myself being more and more aligned. THANK YOU!

— Marianne McCourt

Every coach who wants to coach for themselves wants a successful business.

We all have those same first big goals...

- To reach $100K

- To be fully booked out

- To guest on that dream podcast

If you're a Life Coach who's incredibly good at what you do and you want to feel as confident in business as you do coaching...


You're in the right place.

This self-guided course helps coaches create grounded, magnetic energy in business so they feel confident, can make sales, and hit those big goals - without blowing out their nervous systems.

Yep, you heard that right. It's the practical AND the magic.

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"After implementing ONE technique Caryn shared, I had my HIGHEST earning month EVER and easily sold my first 6-month package. That month nearly TRIPLED the previous month's income and definitely blew my prior monthly totals out of the water! What I learned leveraged a gold mine I didn't even know I had - and it only took 10 minutes to do."

- Kate Farrall

"Caryn was born into the world with the gift of finding the thread of truth among a pile of BS. I love her for this. And, anyone who has ever worked with her knows the MAGIC of this gift. This course is for coaches who want to bring more of THEM into their businesses. Who doesn't want that?! And, why would you do it any other way?"

- Sarah Trapkus

"Can we all acknowledge that Caryn is a force of nature?! Whenever I'm feeling anxious, I log into the course and there's no more anxiety... only CLARITY."

- Tracey Wik

"Thank you so much for providing Leading Your Profit! It is an excellent, well thought-out, no BS course from a pro. 🤩"

- Nancy Ottenfeld Stevens

Besides giving you more confidence and magnetism as a Coach and Business Owner (aka the one who gets results that feel better, faster)...

LEAD YOUR PROFIT will show you how to:

✨ Commit to the offer you're excited about and be ready to sell it, again and again.

✨ Own your niche. Share exactly what you do and who you help, effortlessly and often.

✨ Get your annual and quarterly planning done, so you know what your goals are.

✨ Focus on what really matters to get the greatest return and help the most people.

✨ Run a business you LOVE, continually - not one that's just kind of okay.

And, of course, so much more!!!

Imagine loving your coaching business WITHOUT having to do any more wild technological gymnastics. 

Or carrying the burden that you’re not enough and you need more of EVERYTHING to finally feel like you know how to be successful

(while enjoying your clients more and increasing your sales).

👉 Do you want to fall in love with the business you have — and grow it into the business you dreamt of when you started all of this?

👉 Want to get more clients? Have greater conversion on your consults? Feel confident in every business interaction?

👉 Know exactly what to do to grow your business (in a way that is specific to you, no cookie cutters here!)? 

👉 Get the coaching business thing dialed in so you can do more of what you love every day?  

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A few quick words from folks who have already gone through it...

Caryn in Overalls

Hi, I'm Caryn.

I’ve been concerned with revenue generation and customer service since I was 5 years old. It started with a broom in my hand, sweeping my dad’s shop.  Then I added lemonade stands, pet sitting, and negotiating pay rate increases for my friends who worked for their parents (i’m not joking!).

I don’t take business lightly - I take it to heart. Business made me who I am, and I LOVE it.

I also believe business can heal us, if we let it... Not only in how we experience it but how our clients and customers experience it as well.  

Coaching businesses, in particular, give us the opportunity to help others heal and create new generational legacies - that’s huge and why I’m so passionate about what I do (and what you do).

This course is a heart gift… from me to you and your future clients.  

What does that mean? It means I could sell this for way more money — and have been told by coaches and consultants that I should.

I won't.

This is my give-back to the industry that I love... 

To the people on the front lines of creation in their businesses who are at risk of losing hope, being fed-up with others’ broken promises, and who are burdened with the responsibility of charting the course of our industry AFTER so many have left the wake of bad leadership.

This isn’t me and it won't be you.

I need you out here with me! Shoulder to shoulder, supporting the people you’re here to help in your way.  

And this course will help you do that.

That's why I’m selling you my entire business brain (everything I did to get to multiple six-figures) for the price of a new pair of shoes — only this will last you longer. 

What's included?

The #1 thing new course participants RAVE about...

My consult script.

I give it to you. I give you the background on why it is the way it is. We do a whole module on it, which folks say is HUGELY helpful.

could sell just that. (
Value: $247)

But, to me, it feels incomplete. So, instead, I'm giving you EVERYTHING for less than the price of 1 thing.

I know. I KNOW!

Also included:

✨ Quick Start Guide.
How to best utilize the materials and get a quick win, right off the bat.

✨ What is Lead Your Profit?
And, how to do it your way.

✨ Module 1:

✨ Module 2:

✨ Module 3:

✨ Module 4:

✨ Module 5:

✨ Module 6:

✨ What's next?
How to apply what you've learned and what to do next.


Quarterly Planning

Create An Opt-In or Freebie

How to Make Enough Money to Quit Your Job

Future Self Visualization

Human Design Workshop

... and more!

Plan of Action...

1. Buy the course now.

2. Set aside 2 hours per week on your calendar, for the next 8 weeks (to consume and utilize the content).

3. Follow your plan.

4. Change the world! 


What does the course cover?

It covers all of the things you need to know AND the things you haven't even thought of yet to be successful as an online coach. It covers ALL the bases. Also, see above: What's Included?

How long do I have access?

When you purchase Lead Your Profit, you will get lifetime access to the materials. Feel free to revisit any time and as often as needed!

I don't have a coaching business yet. Is this course for me?

You don't need to have a coaching business, but you should be ready to start one now. If you're still wondering if being a coach is for you, we encourage you to push pause and circle back around to us when you're ready to go!

What is the refund policy?

Because I have priced this course so low and you get access to everything all at once, refunds will not be available. If you have any additional questions, after reading through this page, you can always ask! Also, know this: if you’re a coach who wants to be in business and you haven’t made your first $200K yet, you will find things that help you here (WAY beyond the value I am selling it for).

Why is it so affordable?

Good question! This is my give-back to our community. I created it with love and I love sharing it. It is not my goal to make my millions with this course - it’s my goal to help you create the business you want to make. If I can help with that, I’m stoked!

Do I get direct access to Caryn?

Not through this course. It is self-study and very thorough. You’ll probably want to shout out your wins on social though. In which case, I’m always up for a tag (@caryngillen) and to cheer you on!

Can I do this with a friend?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend you and a friend purchase at the same time. Once you both have your course, set up weekly/monthly accountability meetings so you can keep each other going and doing the work that will change your businesses and your lives. #coachbestiesforlife

Thank you! I so appreciate your time in checking out this course.

Lead Your Profit was a dream for me to create and share.

I can’t wait to see what you can do with it!

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